We do what we do because we love living the Aquascape Lifestyle & we love seeing the joy it brings every time we transform an ordinary backyard into to an oasis.  


Not sure what style water feature would best suit your property? We can come around & go through some options that would work in your area & also highlight any positives & negatives you may not have thought of.


From a small, subtle water feature to a large commercial size pond, we construct using the highest quality equipment & most up to date technology to ensure you spend your time relaxing & enjoying, with minimal maintenance.

Repair and Maintenance

Do you have an existing pond or water feature that is no longer in it’s prime? Perhaps the initial construction fell short of your original vision. We can repair, renovate or do a total rebuild. Of course, we also offer maintenance to keep your feature looking at its very best for many years.

Eco-system Ponds

An Eco-system Pond is designed to work with Mother Nature. Sure to be a gathering point for friends & family with a lifetime of happy memories. Your own private oasis will also be the home to dragonfly’s, birds & frogs as they are drawn to natural, chemical free water. A well designed pond will transform your yard & working with nature will ensure minimal maintenance so you can spend more time relaxing.

Pondless Waterfalls

A Pondless Waterfall or Stream gives you all the benefits of the sites & sound of running water without needing a pond. The water simply disappears into a hidden underground reservoir & is then pumped back up to a waterfall, stream or even a bubbling rock. Taking up less room than a pond we can find a place for a pondless system in even the smallest spaces.


From small & decorative to elaborate & over the top. Your imagination is the only limitation. Urns, Spillway Bowls, Bubbling Rocks. A Water Feature will bring your backyard to life with the amazing sights & sounds of relaxing water.


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